South East Participatory Governance Forum Emerges

A formal advocacy platform for participatory governance in the South East has emerged after a series of stakeholders reflections on lessons learnt from South East experience sharing on participatory budget. It is known as the South East Participatory Governance Learning Forum (SEPGLEF) and it is facilitated by the Engaged Citizens Pillar (ECP) of the Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) project of the United Kingdom Department for International Department (UK DFID).

This was one of the highlights of the one day meeting of state and non state actors from the five South East states on Participatory Budget held at Nike Lake Resort Hotel on Thursday, November 2 2017.

The meeting was held to review commitments made during an earlier meeting held in Abakalilki, Ebonyi State in March. At the Abakaliki meeting, government and civil society/community representatives from each of the states jointly developed action plans geared towards ensuring inclusiveness in their states’ budget/governance processes.
The follow up meeting in Enugu sought to:

  • Facilitate adaptation and refining on effective participatory governance practices
  • Promote sustainable collaboration among South East critical actors learning together to promote increased participation in governance and budget processes
  • Facilitate peer review and solution proffering to identified challenges militating against participatory governance and budget. Based on lessons learnt during the meeting, participants from each state refined and adapted their previous action plans and drew up and adopted new Learning/Action Plans. The meeting also agreed to establish social media platforms for more timely interactive communication among stakeholders.